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Can an interior designer become an architect?

Exploring the Realm of Interior Design and Architecture

As I lounge in the comfort of my home in Brighton, sharing space with Whiskers and Barkley, my feline and canine companions respectively, I find my thoughts wandering around our humble abode. Now, this isn't the average kind of house pondering one generally does. No, this is something different, something that stems from my innate curiosity about the world of design. Specifically, about whether the mastery of interior design can feed into the complex domain of architecture.

While some may argue about keeping professions exclusive, I find the idea of intertwining skills particularly inviting. And why not? Isn't evolution all about adaptation and exploration beyond your comfort zone? This idea reminds me of a time when Victoria, my better half, decided to try a DIY project at home. The end result? We now have a beautiful wooden table crafted entirely by her with some help from YouTube tutorials and a dash of intuition. Does that make her a professional carpenter? No, but it definitely piqued her interest in woodworking.

Decoding the Intricacies of Interior Design and Architecture

Delving deeper into this, let's examine the roles of an interior designer and an architect. Venturing into interior design, one might think of it as selecting colours for walls, picking the right furniture, and arranging decorative pieces. Right? Well, yes, but that's just scratching the surface. In reality, interior design is about understanding the essence of spaces, creating a harmonised balance between aesthetics and functionality while taking into account the clients' preferences. It's about mapping lives in square footages.

On the other hand, architecture is perceived as a form of art: drafts, graphs, spatial organisation, construction materials, and building systems. A common misconception, however, is to think of architects as just 'builders.' So, let's clarify something right here: architects are genuine artists, philosophers even, whose canvas is the world around us. The relationship between architecture and its environment is like Whiskers and a cosy spot by the window. It fits perfectly, enhancing both the décor and the cat's comfort level.

The Intersection of Interior Design and Architecture

Now, can these two worldviews, these two art forms intermingle? Why not? After all, the intersection of diverse knowledge domains often produces the most innovative solutions. Similar to the cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit that brings us the tasty tangor, an interior designer who embarks on the path of architecture can result in unique perspectives.

The crucial question, however, is not whether the disciplines could be merged but how the journey from one to another could be navigated. This journey isn't going to be a leisurely stroll but a trek through challenging terrain. My suggestion, akin to prepping for any journey, is to arm oneself with the right education and training. For an interior designer, this would mean undertaking an architecture degree or a similar course.

Navigating the path to Diversity in Design

For those who think ‘I am an interior designer, and I want to become an architect, what next?', it’s essential to understand that theoretical knowledge alone won’t get you the designated architect label. This endeavour requires the completion of an internship under a licensed architect's supervision, followed by taking the architecture licensing exams. However, the journey is as rewarding as the destination; the knowledge and experience gained shape your understanding of spaces in a whole new dimension.

Reflecting on this possibility, I recall my own foray into the world of writing. My journey started with technical reporting, but I didn't limit myself to it. My passion for communicating, my curiosity, and my slightly wandering mind led me to explore different genres and styles. Today, I am a blogger, sharing my thoughts with the world, just like now. Whether an interior designer can become an architect or not is indeed a question of determination and hard work, but it also brings in the beautiful possibility of diversity and progress.

All said and done, remember that this path is not a shortcut to architectural fame. It’s a testament to your passion, resilience, and perspective. And like any meaningful journey, it may not be easy, but it holds promises of great experiences and discoveries. As with any trek, equip yourself with the right knowledge, companions, and tools. And then move forward, upwards, and beyond, just like the curious feline Whiskers

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